Oldsmobiles with Laser Guns, a Sci-fi action comic book adventure. All the science fiction amazingness you could ask for!

Uh oh, here comes the Space Cops


Continue with our fair brained heroes as they continue their journey to find a way home, while avoiding the space cops and the consequences of their own actions.

Issue 2 has more action, more humor, and builds off the story you were thrown into. If you liked issue 1 you’ll LOVE issue 2. If you hated issue 1, then you are probably a bad person and I don’t want to know you. Good day.

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Oldsmobiles With Laser Guns is a science fiction comedy; following the adventures of three friends who are trapped thousands of galaxies away from earth, living out of a 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera that has been converted into an ultra powerful space fighter with outstanding maneuverability, experimental energy source, and all the comfort of an early 80’s family sedan. Now, while trying to get back home, they find themselves in the middle of a civil space war!

Oldsmobiles with Laser Guns, a Sci-fi action comic book adventure. All the science fiction comic book amazingness you could ask for!

Are our heroes the chosen ones? Are our heroes indestructible? Are our heroes secret space wizards? No, no, and no. But with a little bit of planning and a lot of luck, they might make it out alive. Welcome to Oldsmobiles With Laser Guns!


Oldsmobiles with Laser Guns is jam packed with sci-fi action! From space dogfights, blaster shoot outs, and plenty of explodie bits!


Our heroes are friends, the kind of friends who know how to push each others buttons, with a combination of naivety and stupidity to keep them going.


A lot can happen in outer space! From romantic interests, and overcoming bad decisions. Maybe even a surprising budding relationship?