Oldsmobiles with Laser Guns, a Sci-fi action comic book adventure. All the science fiction amazingness you could ask for!

Uh oh, here comes the Space Cops

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These peeps were the first (foolish enough) to believe in Oldsmobiles With Laser Guns and donated COLD HARD CASH to offset the costs of printing a limited first edition run. Honestly, without these peeps you might not have a comic to read today.

Austin Appleby
Davin Soderquist
Mitchell Oldfield
Earl Colborne
Alex Donovan
Marlin Schmidt

Doug Higgins
Harrison Boss
Jaime Woodcock
Landan Peleikis
Caitlin Sky King

Nicole Patry
Ellen Patry
Eunice Friesen
Wade Nellis
Michael Phillips
David de Boer