Oldsmobiles with Laser Guns, a Sci-fi action comic book adventure. All the science fiction amazingness you could ask for!

Uh oh, here comes the Space Cops

Mike Moman BA, JD (Distinction)

Mike is from a small city in Northern Alberta Canada. Mike has lived overseas in the United Kingdom, and Australia, where he finished his Law Degree. Mike also holds a BA in Sociology with a focus on Crime and Deviance.

Mike is a loving partner and father to the future first dictator of the world, who will be a benevolent leader to us all when she comes of age.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys writing, watching movies (dystopian is his favourite), playing video games (survival/base building, and first-person shooters), playing TTRPGs, playing guitar, and drawing. Lately, Oldsmobiles has been taking up the majority of his spare time, and he loves it.

Mike has been working on his own RPG system for Oldsmobiles, as well as editing 2 of his old film scripts to be turned into stand-alone graphic novels/webcomics in the future.